Houston at Kansas City, Sept 17, 2023

I flipped the sound from the Texans to the Stros while the ball was in the air and got all excited.

Every pitcher calls his own pitches.

What the fuck was Framber “thinking”?

One of these teams is playing defense like a team that’s going to lose 100+ games.

Or Abreu for that matter?

From the pitch com. Catchers typically call the pitch.

If Framber just eats that ball, they get out of the inning with no runs. But what’s another unearned run among friends?

I walked away for a bit…what happened?

Or if Abreu recognizes that the throw isn’t in the same zip code as the bag

The catcher suggests it. The pitcher makes the decision.

The Astros have not had a lead since Wednesday.

It’s… complicated. Runner on 1st, chopper hit into the dead marmot zone between the mound and 3rd. Framber fields it, obviously wanting to go to 2nd, decides he can’t, so instead whips a falling back, cross-body looping throw sort of in the direction of 1st, Abreu belatedly decides to leave the bag, maybe throws his glove or maybe doesn’t but manages to knock the ball down, but runners wind up at 2nd and 3rd (or maybe 1st and 3rd, I don’t remember). Umps confer and decide there’s no violation. The next guy up hits a fly to Chas in medium RF, which is more than plenty to score the sac considering Chas’s noodle arm. Next guy grounds out to end the inning.

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There’s a lead! Quick! Call time out!

Peña looks like a fish flopping on the dock.

Oh…I’ve seen that throw from Framber before.

I look forward to seeing the replay of this one.

Get through the 5th and have das summon a monsoon

Where did that come from?! Homer to LCF by Jake!

Well Jake can say goodbye to any more playing time.

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Yordan going back to hitting baseballs like he caught them fucking his wife is a welcome development.

ETA: 115 mph off the bat