Home Opener! Angels @ Astros, April 18, 2022

Garcia gets the pill. Maybe I’ll be able to stay up for this one.

Man, Joe Maddon hasn’t missed any meals recently. Those buttons better be getting overtime pay.

I guess the catcher’s box is no longer a thing? Even the HPU was helping obliterate it.

Man, what a nice start for Garcia!

Jose be hackin. Guess that new approach wasn’t working.

Michael Brantley: Professional hitter.

Come on Yordan, do some damage.


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A bomb!

Holy fucking shit. Did that ever come down?

He hit it pretty well

Holy shit, that ball was crushed.

That was a much needed hit.


This is unwelcomed

A good throw from Bregman and that’s two.

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Has Maddon always been such an insufferable prick?

Yes, yes, a million times yes.


Well fuck. So much for the lead.