Holiday Binge Watching

In preparation for the long night of the winter solstice and two weeks off work, looking for series ideas to fill the void once we finish Peaky Blinders Series 5. Considering pulling the trigger on an AppleTV subscription to watch The Morning Show and was also hoping Netflix would have Better Call Saul season 4 available. What are some of your favorites?

The Watchmen is crazy and good and reminds me of reading the graphic novels when I was 13, but only half way through so far.

The Criterion Channel. A lifetime of great movies ready whenever you are.

I can’t get enough of Narcos. I happened to be in Matamoros the day President Reagan essentially shut down the border after Camarena was tortured and killed. Took me about eight hours to get across as the US was turning every vehicle coming back inside and out.

Between all of the other shows I’ve posted about here, I’ve started watching Succession and have been enjoying it.

Succession picks up in the second season (and really at the end of the first). Very good, but very hard to watch.

It’s a bit slow, but I’ve found it entertaining.

Just curious, what makes you characterize it as “very hard to watch?”

Something about the way it makes some of its characters relatable and sympathetic but then totally humiliates them because they can’t live without money or power.

both on cable… sadly I have not cut the cord but Outlander and Westworld

I recently discovered Brockmire, now on Hulu, and I like it a lot.

Fleabag was absolutely brilliant.

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Bosch, Trapped, The Americans, True Detective (1, 3)

Just started watching after your recommendation. Looks to be a fun show

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