HOF 2022

Wanna see the dumbest possible HOF ballot?

There are aspects of that vote which are confusing, but you could just vote for A. J. Pierzynski and no one else and that would be worse.


Just writing in “Fuck You” makes more sense than that.


Two white guys with fewer than 700 hrs combined: you betcha

Two latino guys with almost 1100 hrs combined: that’s gonna be a no from me dawg

I mean, pretty much any offensive metric you want to use is not close.

And if you’re gonna vote for Bonds, why not Arod? And, also, if you’re going to vote Bonds, why Schilling and not Clemens? Clemens at least had a HOF worth career. Schilling had a bloody sock of a career.

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Schilling had an 80.5 WAR career (which is a lot) and a 11-2 postseason pitching record. He is a least borderline and comparable or better numbers than recent guys in the HoF.

Not anywhere near Clemens though, and compared to Schilling Clemens is a remarkably sane and decent human being.


So how is he gonna justify Bonds and PEDs, because that seems to be keeping several others off his list. Rodriguez, Ortiz, Ramirez, Clemens, Sheffield…

Whatever passes these days for a veterans committee (actually I think it might have been multiple committees) voted in Tony Oliva, Jim Kaat, Gil Hodges, Minnie Minoso, Buck O’Neil and Bud Fowler.

A notable name who did not get in (missing by just one vote): Dick Allen. He also missed by just one vote the last time he was up for consideration.

Some other notable names who were on the ballot but not elected: Ken Boyer, Maury Wills and Curt Flood.

I don’t know if Buck O’Neil had a hall of fame career, but nobody did more for baseball.


He certainly did if all he did in and for the game is considered. It is a travesty not to put him in while he was alive.


I think he said it’s because he think Bonds already had a HoF career pre-steroids

Can’t you make that same argument for Clemens and Arod?

There you go trying to add logic to HOF voting. Stop doing that

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There is this underlying misconception that no one took steroids prior to 1998, and that everyone did afterwards.


I love how they’ve all managed to convince themselves exactly when one player wasn’t using PED and then started to. They have no clue.

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A baseball connection told me yesterday the masking agents have improved tremendously. No one should think the steroid era is in the past.


Or that steroids are cheating but amphetamines and all sorts of other substances are fine.


Heyman said he avoided all the PED using players that were caught except for Bonds who has convinced Heyman that he didn’t start until 1998 at which time he had 3 MVPs. He couldn’t be sure when the others started using, so he excluded them or they were borderline without the PED years.

My feeling is, fuck it. Just take the best players of each generation. Stop trying to play the did he use, how much did he use, game. There are already “cheaters” in the hall. There are already “users” in the hall. Just fuck it.