Congratulations, BudGirl! Should be a fun series. Bowness might know some Lightning tendencies. May the best (Lightning) team win.

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This Stars team has everyone up here puzzled- but happy.

Gotta love playoff hockey.

Yeah, I have hopped on the Stars’ bandwagon. I can overlook that they are out of Dallas because they have a guy named Seguin and I live in Guadalupe County whose county seat is Seguin.

Except they call him “SAY-gen” instead of “seh-GEEN.” But yeah, that’s cool.

Minor technicality.

Nope. Never will cheer for Dallas.

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This 100 percent. I hope they lose 4 in a row 10-0.

Fuck the Stars and their mega-bandwagon fanbase.

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Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can register at www dot fuck all things dallas right in their fucking ears dot edu

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I thought you were a Cowboy fan.

Football is a different sport than hockey.

Dallas is Dallas though. And Jerry Jones is the worst.

I am a self hating Cowboys fan, and won’t be truly on board again until Jerry Jones is dead.

I don’t think i can name a player in the team. They lost me with the strike years ago.

Man, that Stars back-up goalie was standing on his head blocking shots last night.

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Great performance. They came to play for sure.

The Lightning come from behind to tie and win in overtime to take a 3-1 lead. That was a must win for the Stars and they blew the lead.

That was a great game.

Stars were fortunate to get that embellishment call at the end of regulation.

That was an embarrassingly bad call.

Perry dick-shotted him specifically to prevent a 2 on 1 and the refs bailed him out. That guy is legit one of the biggest fucksticks in pro sports.

No kidding, that guy gets a stick to the nuts and get called for grabbing his crotch and writhing in pain.