Help with Lemon Law stuff (Limey? Lawyers?)

I may have hallucinated this, but I vaguely remember Limey (or maybe someone else) successfully using the State of Texas Lemon Law to get a replacement out of the manufacturer?

Do you or anyone else have advice on this process? My wife bought a 2021 Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid used from last summer and it’s died on us 3 times with the same electrical problem, including once in a very dangerous situation (Saturday night on the I-10/410 interchange in San Antonio).

We’ve taken it to 2 dealerships so far with no luck. I was thinking it’s time to invoke the Lemon Law, but if anyone else has other ideas on where to seek redress let me know. Redress seeking is not one of my core competencies!

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'Twas me, but it wasn’t the Texas lemon law, which is written too restrictively. I sued under the Federal lemon law.

I used Krohn & Moss, and it was a pretty painless process; they simply needed the maintenance history. It was all done by phone/email, and BMW settled by buying back my car and paying me extra for my trouble.


I’m certainly no attorney, but I don’t think the Texas Lemon Law applies to purchases of used vehicles. If there is still a manufacturer’s warranty, or a warranty issued by the place you purchased it, you may have recourse through that route.


I’d say do what Limey did.

I am in your debt, good sir! If we e’er meet again, Beer and Queso is on me.

I’ve sent this along to my wife (who is smarter/better organized/better looking than me etc) and I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

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No worries. Best of luck.

It still has a warranty, but they’ve been unable to fix it so far. Today is the third or fourth time we’ve taken it in. It tends to do this on long car rides only-leaving us stranded far away from home. At this point, I have zero confidence in the car or Chrysler’s ability to fix it.

If under warranty, and you’ve made four legit attempts to get it fixed and they simply can’t, I’m pretty sure you can get satisfaction via the Limey-approved route. But again, I’m not a lawyer. I’m not even an accountant.