Headline in The Athletic

Second place is not good enough for us’: But Houston is still searching for an untainted title

I guess I’ll be dead before this cheating scandal passes from daily discussion.

Who what why when.

But first mention the cheating scandal.

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I ended my subscription during 2020 and let them know what I thought about their Astros coverage. I’m not sure it will effect anything when they get bought by DraftKings.com.

I ended mine the morning after Game 6. It started out as a go to publication but I found myself reading it less and less. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection of decline in its quality or a my interest in its quality, but I realized it had been a very long time since I’m found any article particularly illuminating.


Everyone knows the most erudite baseball discussions can be found on the TZ and GZ.



I subscribed, and then canceled a while back. There was some kind of survey about why I canceled, and I said it was because I was an Astros fan. To be honest though, I just didn’t read it all that much. I follow one team closely, and pretty much don’t follow anything else, and there was nothing they published that was worth the annual fee.

I let mine lapse a long time ago. I gave it a shot back when they offered those intro prices for a dollar a month, but in the end it just wasn’t worth paying for.

My only baseball subscription these days is BP. I used to subscribe to BA too, but once the Astros got good again I stopped paying as much attention to the farm system. Those are the only publications where I feel like I get more than rote game recaps or fluff pieces.

I cancelled mine back last spring but I’m paid through next February. I forget why but it was probably due to a general overall lack of interest and choosing to pay for some other subscription.

I cancelled tonight.

I really don’t mind their original reporting of the Astros sign-stealing. That was newsworthy, an unfortunate choice, and true. I mind that they continued to report sign-stealing out of context of both baseball tradition and the quality of the team, and that they failed to go after anybody else. Maybe there was nobody else, but I surely do doubt it.


The lede of the original Astros cheating story was literally 'this is an example of a league wide problem." But they abandoned the hunt once that story broke.

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Cancel culture!

Precisely the main reason I cancelled, and I told them so. Rosenthal said “league-wide problem” from the the beginning, but he did not have the balls to pursue the story. Perhaps Manfred threatened him or his employer. Who knows, but The Athletic continued to heap scorn on the Astros long after the trash can was a legitimate news story.

I cannot believe the Astros were so stupid, and I cannot believe Hinch allowed it. I do not defend their absolute absence of judgment. What I vehemently object to, seemingly almost daily, is the abuse the team receives in every away venue and the media’s having to denigrate every accomplishment of this team and organization as a tainted result of “cheating.” Four fucking years later every story has to have numerous references to 2017, and it is every story from any publication or site, not only The Athletic.


I let my Athletic subscription expire, in part due to their editorial obsession with, and the breaking of the original Astros story, but mainly because my other teams I follow are in decline. The info is available elsewhere.

I never subscribed. I get all the baseball discussion I can handle right here.

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Few are up to the challenge.

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I still enjoy my Athletic subscription and their consistent mention of the cheating is no more or less than anywhere else. I hardly notice it anywhere because it’s just background noise to me at this point.

I never cared in the first place. It’s a completely meaningless point. Always has been.