Hatch chili salsa

So I bought a bag of hot hatch chilis. As this particular chili has been a frequent subject of conversation here I thought I’d ask if anyone had a salsa recipe they’d be willing to share.

I’ve used this recipe and added roasted chilis (works with poblanos too)

If you prefer tomatoes to tomatillos you can do that.


Also…if you have more peppers than you know what to do with right now, they freeze well once they’re roasted.

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Also this is killer, just add chilis to the sauce: https://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/roasted-tomatillo-enchiladas/

HEB has started selling pre-shredded packs of their roasted chicken, which cuts down on prep-time immensely.

I just throw them in a blender with cilantro, tomatillos, onion and a dash of cumin and a touch of salt, then I add a little vinegar if I need to thin it out.


FTR a Hatch pepper is a chile pepper.

Nothing to add here other than I second the “if you’ve got too many, freeze them.” 2 years ago I bought 10 pounds and froze over half of them. I just finished using the leftovers a few months ago, and they still were just as delicious as fresh.

The only caveat I’ll give is that I actually used a vacuum sealer before freezing them.


Possibly the most useful kitchen gadet in existence.


I agree with you for agreeing that Hatch chiles freeze really well. And also about the vacuum sealer. I use it for all sorts of things, both for the freezer and fridge. Mrs Hawk and I love cheese, and buy chunks of all kinds. Vacuum sealing allows them to last for weeks, if not months in the fridge. Same goes for nuts, meat, herbs…pretty much anything to want to keep fresh up to 10x as long. One of the best kitchen investments you can make.


Berries, peaches and apricots too, if you ever hit a farmer’s market while they’re in season. Year-round cobblers and smoothies.

Freezing fresh blueberries is awesome. I usually spread them out on a sheet pan and freeze for a few hours then put them in the sealer. They stay separate and don’t get mushy.

Also, the second best thing about summer, after baseball, is fresh peaches.


Hell yeah, blackberries work the same way.

I’ve caught myself randomly singing “moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches…” from time to time when the season hits.

We really ought to form a religious cult, the sole purpose of which is doing small things in the right way. We can elect Lefty and HH as our resident saints.

I’m glad one of the Bayless boys did good.

I freeze 'em vacuum bags of six to eight chiles, depending on size. Then in the middle of the winter I pull 'em out for batches of green chile pork stew. Just the thing on a cold day when the fucking Cowboys are pulling out another improbable lucky win.

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So the Bayless recipe turned out great, with some changes. I had everything on hand except the tomatillos, so used tomatoes per your recommendation. Two big hatch chiles and one jalapeno, nothing stemmed or seeded. Delicious. Thanks very much!

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Go Cowboys!

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Just finished a batch of enchiladas with the Bayless tomatillo sauce and serranos from the garden. Fantastic! Thanks for posting that.