Halos at Astros, 6/1/23

Blanco on the hill, called up today with Mushinski optioned

Ward flies to RF
Trout walks
Ohtani grounds through the right side, Trout to second
Drury strikes out looking on 3-2
Thaiss K swinging

Blanco works around the 2 dangerous Angels for a scoreless first.

Altuve grounds 6-3
Peña K swinging on 2-2
Yordan pops up on first pitch

End 1, 0-0

Hell of a job to get out of that jam.

Top 2:

Renfroe grounds 6-3
Urshela lines to LF wall, Julks holds him to a single
Walsh walks on 3-1
Neto strikes out
Ward singles to LF, Urshela scores. Angels 1-0
Trout walks on 3-2
Ohtani K swinging on 3 pitches

Angels somehow only up 1-0 with 6 base runners in first 2 innings.

He’s laboring.

Some runs would go a long way for the home team.



Abreu + Tucker’s speed

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Abreu smack the shit out of 2 straight pitches.

Bottom 2:

Bregman flies out
Tucker with a double to right field!
Abreu goes 3-0, Tucker easily steals third on strike 1.
Abreu drives one the other way that barely goes wrong side of the foul pole.
Abreu lines to short RF, Tucker challenges Renfroe and barely beats the throw. Tie ballgame!
Julks flies out to end the inning.

End 2, tied 1-1

Gotta run, someone take PBP

Flybal to the base of the LF wall, then a flyball right at Tucker who has to make an amusing jump.

Renfroe single

Ursula emerges from the depths and Ks swinging

Meyers K, Diaz and Altuve grounded out


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Angels went quietly in the 4th.

Astros 2 quick outs followed by a 3-0 start by Bregs who ends up walking on a full count.

Tucker smashes an IF single at the 2B.

Abreu pops out in foul territory.
Tied thru 4

Right down the damn middle

Ok, pitchers, win this game

We hang em you bang em.

2-1 Angels

TK is fucking annoying

I sometimes have to l to use the MLB TV feature and switch audio over to Ford and Sparks, Blum and Kalas sometimes are just too goddam precious for my viewing pleasure.

I do think overall both crews are quite a bit better than the average MLB announce team…

Bottom of the order doing it!