Hall of Fame pitcher Roy Halladay had high levels of amphetamines in his system and was performing extreme stunts when his plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico in November 2017, according to a National Transportation Safety Board report obtained by ESPN.

Along with the amphetamines, Halladay’s blood also contained an anti-depressant that could have impaired his judgment and a high level of morphine, according to the report released Wednesday.


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The stunt part isn’t much of a surprise given what we know about the type of plane he was flying. The drugs part is sad and disappointing, though.

This is just the fact sheet from the NTSB, nothing here that wasn’t in the January '18 autopsy and the police reports/witness statements, and I doubt we learn anything new from the upcoming full NTSB report.

I did read that the drug levels weren’t in original report.

This report is more detailed about the extent to which he was impaired.

So he was flying AND in an airplane.

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Fair enough. I thought it was obvious everyone knew he was wacked out of his mind ‘and’ doing stupid shit.

The media did all it could to protect his reputation, and not much was made of the initial and preliminary report of morphine. As far as what I have read about it, this report is more detailed and revealed multiple substances and more serious impairment.

Poor guy had problems. No one will ever really know what was going through his head that day but the multi-levels of recklessness in the face of such danger makes the event of his death all the more disturbing.

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