Guardians’ post-trades damage control today

(The No-no didn’t help!)

Have you ever seen THIS happen?


From the article,

(5th paragraph) …The situation probably came to a head after the Guardians were no-hit by Houston’s Framber Valdez on Tuesday night. Valdez was excellent, but the fact that Josh Bell was traded right before game time – just beating the 6 p.m. deadline – played a part in that no-no just as much as Valdez’s unhittable breaking ball did.
… With Bell traded and Josh Naylor injured, Jose Ramirez had no protection.

They pitched to Ramírez. He was 0 for 3.


Saying that Bell was the difference in a no hitter is fucking insulting to Framber.


No doubt Framber was magnificent. Their chances for the playoffs appeared crushed w/ a lineup with 5 sure outs:

The lineup manager Terry Francona used Tuesday night was begging to be no-hit. It featured rookies or near rookies Tyler Freeman, Oscar Gonzalez, David Fry, Will Brennan and Gabriel Arias.

Astro fans have seen a few WTF lineups so i have zero sympathy

Let’s take Matt Cain’s perfect game off the board.

This is idiocy.

Josh Bell, on the season, is hitting .233

6 of the 9 starters in Cleveland’s lineup were hitting at or above that, including 5 of them hitting WELL above .233.

ETA - Bell has faced Framber 5 times in his career, and has two hits off of him.