Guardians @ Astros, May 2, 2024

Arrighetti on the bump. Let’s get back in the win column and take this series!

Nice 1st from Arrighetti. Let’s hope the rest of the Astros were paying attention.

Has Altuve swung at the first pitch of the game every game?

Fuck. Reckon that’s how it goes when you’re hitting as poorly as Bregman.

The right side of the Guardians infield is really starting to annoy me

Especially when they make plays on the left side of the infield.

That was almost disaster. Jake, if you’re gonna call it, you gotta catch the fucking ball.

Double, walk, double…1-0 Guardians

Sac fly makes it 2-0. Good throw from Dubon gets him at the plate.

That was also a good slide by Kwan, but I agree a better throw and he’s out.

Bad angle for Dubon. He had to catch on the run then turn around to get the throw off. It had plenty on it, but up the line.

Now Arrighetti gets a pitch timer violation with 10 seconds still on the timer.

Yeah, what the literal fuck was that?

Singleton with an infield single, and the Astros finally have a hit.

Dubon singles

Two on for Jake…

Jake down on strikes. Unproductive

Altuve pops up near the 1B, Naylor and Naylor let it drop between them. Assuming that’ll be an error. Altuve then with an infield single to load the bases

Bases loaded, one out for Bregman…

…who pops up the first pitch. Brutal.

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