Guardians @ Astros, May 1, 2024

Joey with the best off the scoreboard play ever. He barehanded it and threw out Kwan trying to stretch his hit to a double.


He played that like a 10 year vet.

No score after two innings.

Rocchio singled then got caught trying steal second.

Ok, that’s the first time I’ve seen the Mexican soap opera HEB commercial. Nicely over the top. I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon, but it was amusing the first time.

Rocchio was 4-1 in SB vs CS for April; 0 - 1 for May…

How long has it been since Astros catchers have had a CS in two consecutive nights!

I don’t recognize the guy with Alex and Jeremy.

It would be especially funny if they had him done up like he was missing an arm.

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Altuve grounds into a double play.

No score after three.

Great story!

Another shitty ump. They are definitely in the majority.

It’s not just another one. It’s the mother of all shitty umps.

No shit, it just dawned on me. I’ve had the game on mute.

Verlander with 2 Angel assisted walks to the first two batters. Great play by Dubon for the first out. Fry hit into a double play to end the inning.

1-0 Guardians

Good fucking grief, Angel is awful.

Constipated Benedict Cumberbatch.

Which is to say - no shit, Sherlock.

2-0 Guardians

Leadoff home run, 2-out walk, triple…halfway…2-0 Guardians.