Guardians @Astros, July 31, 2023

2-out single, stranded

No score, Astros coming to bat

Thanks Hudson

Don’t thank me. I did make a single pitch that inning.

He’s thanking you for the thread. He deleted his.

Nothing gets by you.

Correct, although I did not create the now-dead-thread

Lead off single by Altuve

Altuve with a leadoff bunt single.

Is that considered bunting to break up a no-hitter?

He was trying for his first bunt homer.

Altuve swipes 2B, Tucker with a single. Astros on the corners, one out…

Men on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, come on Alex, bring em in!

Now Tucker takes 2B

Alex grounds out …

Groundout…runners have to hold

He hit a bullet to Ramirez at 3B.

1st inning ends with no score.

Well shit.

That was no muy bueno

Two stranded in scoring position. No score

Needs some luck.

Lead off Flaming Lake single

That was bad luck