Guardians @ Astros, August 1, 2023

Gavin Williams R
1-2 3.35 ERA

LF Steven Kwan L
2B T. Freeman R
3B Jose Ramirez S
DH O. Gonzalez R
1B David Fry R
RF Will Brennan L
SS G. Arias R
CF Myles Straw R
C C. Gallagher R

Framber Valdez L
8-7 3.29 ERA

2B Jose Altuve R
SS Jeremy Pena R
RF Kyle Tucker L
3B Alex Bregman R
1B Jose Abreu R
LF C. McCormick R
DH Yainer Diaz R
CF Jake Meyers R
C M. Maldonado R

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Come on Framber. Let’s get back on track tonight.

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Good Framber tonight would be much appreciated

Clean first inning is a good start

FIrst hit is a double by Pena

Pena gets to 3rd but no runs

Add Tucker’s and Bregman’s exit velos together and it’s not 10 mph.

Ok, Astros radio playing “You Belong With Me” for JV between innings is hilarious

Why no Yordan?

“scheduled day off”

Altuve gets one tomorrow

“I don’t like giving them off, but it beats the possible alternative of losing them for a while. This is Spring Training for them. They’re two months, six weeks behind everybody else,” [Dusty] said.

He’s tuckered out from DHing a couple of games.


Does Tucker get one of those? It seems like he doesn’t, but I could be wrong.

Never heard any reasoning behind it but he and Bregman don’t get days off like the other guys.

Oh Wow! Ball 3 there Maldy

Then its strike out throw out.

Technically Jake ran into the double play.

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He didn’t hit anything. SOTO.

Yeah, but on 3-2 Meyers is running and makes it harder…

Just want us to play smarter - even though he probably thought he was protecting Meyers

Maldy being unproductive hurts now.

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Yep, just gotta hope Pena has a plan to put us ahead