Guardians @ Astros, April 30, 2024

Three in a row? Maybe?

Loperfido’s debut

Leadoff infield single for Kwan

Single puts the first two Gardians on

Back in the US and normal service has been restored


3-0 Guardians

Brown needs to go back to Sugar Land.


At home, three runs this series is a pretty big ask.

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It is insurmountable.

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15 first-inning runs in seven starts. Not gonna win a lot of ball games with Brown spotting the other team a lead at the outset every time.

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I understand the sentiment, but who would take his spot?



At this point, Bielak is a better option.


Middle of one…3-0 Cleveland

Bielak, Martinez, a bullpen day, Javier as son as he’s back… but starting Brown is just forfeiting the game

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How do you solve a problem like a 2 game winning streak?

Why, Hunter Brown of course!

He’s a guaranteed 3-6 run deficit by the 4th.

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Exactly fucking this.

Altuve chops out on a slow roller
Bregman chops out on a slow roller
Alvarez takes strike one down the middle, takes strike two down the middle, takes strike three down the middle.

And we’re off. Oh boy.

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Brown with a clean second


These Shiner commercials are killing me.

Tucker with a leadoff walk