Guardians @ Astros 5/23/22

Punch out ends the inning. At the Stretch…6-0 Guardians


Oppo…there goes the shutout

To the 8th…6-1 Cleveland

Martinez showing what the Space City uniforms should look like

Peña with a single, Siri follows with a walk. Maldonado hacking and strikes out on pitches 12 inches off the plate.

Altuve grounds out 6-3, runners advance, and that’s all for Standlin.

Here’s something good from this game:

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Brantley bounces out 3-1

To the 9th…6-1 Guardians

Machete has an adorable family.

Great to see Bregman come through in the clutch.

All they need is a bloop and a blast. Then another bloop, another bloop then another blast.

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So three bloops and two blasts. Or four bloops and a blast. Or five blasts. Whatever it takes.

That was neither bloop nor blast.

Clase threw ten pitches, nine at 100+ mph. Nasty.

Another night being the bug. 6-1 is the final.

That flamethrower was a Ranger, but they got rid of him. My good buddy (Jerry, you met him) is a Rangers fan, and he gets mad thinking about losing the closer they should have had.

They got one inning of Corey Kluber for him. Ouch.

They gave up Clase and Deshields for 18 pitches from Corey Kluber. I’m sure Jerry doesn’t like to be reminded.

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You are so right.