Guardians @ Astros 5/23/22

Pop up end the inning. Halfway…4-0 Guardians

Rough night for Garcia. Gonna have to hit their way back into this one.

Have the Astros not played like clowns when they’ve worn these clown suits?

Maybe one game? I have bad associations with these uniforms already.

Not only are they they ugliest uniforms in the history of sports, and an embarrassment to the city of Houston, they’re bad luck. Awesome.

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They give me Texans Letterman jacket vibes. Nice hats, though.

Garcia out, Abreu in. Luis battled, but it just wasn’t his night.

Hyperbole much?

HH? Hyperbole?? Surely you jest.

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Not in a million years.

And I’m not getting where I was hyperbolic.

Altuve doubles off the LF wall…not sure why he loafed into 2B instead of sprinting to 3B

Could be here

Yeah, that was 100% sincerity.

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Other than 2 out? Because the cameraman fooled him as badly as me.

Straw actually fielded that ball. I thought for sure Altuve would be on 3B, but I guess he thought it was out.

Single, walk, single…Guardians have the bases loaded and nobody out in the 7th

6-0 Guardians on TE6

Now Ramirez steals 2B.

This has gotten pretty ugly.

Walk to Naylor ends Abreu’s night. Martinez in