Grumpy Old Man

Hating to see so many 8:00 pm CST starts. Good for the folks in CA and WA, I guess.

Plenty more to bitch about than this.

Always plenty to bitch about.

The list gets bigger every day.

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Amen. I’m throwing myself into the season for as long as it lasts. So much fun to watch the game with my son last night.

I feel like I developed a drinking addiction over a lifetime of top shelf liquor and am now reaching gratefully for the Boone’s Farm.

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I’ve watched this extra inning rule for the past two seasons in AA baseball and I have to say to my surprise I love it. Not for postseason but it makes the game tense immediately and adds strategy. May be heresy but if you’re skeptical, give it a chance.


Watched last year in AAA. Little League rule. It sucks.