Great day for a live game

It ain’t for the Astros system, but I live a short walk away. It would be wrong not to go sometimes. Plus the hubs can get an oversized sausage and kraut for 8 bucks, and I don’t have to stink up my kitchen.


Btw, it’s really weird looking at this roster and seeing players born after my youngest kid was. :upside_down_face:


Nice. Is that hubs wearing a Texas A&M shirt?

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Yes. He earned a Master of Laws from Aggie Law.

That’s OK. Mrs Hawk is an Aggie. I have to remind her sometimes where she had go to find “the one”.

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We met at UH. I figure any school he’s earned a degree from since that first one is incidental. :rofl:

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Well, dang! We went home at the end of the 6th and shouldn’t have. The Dragons turned it around and won 7-6 with a walkoff homer.