Gosh darn frickin’ Mets vs. Astros, 21 June 2022

(Sorry, that’s probably the most das-issified thread title in the history of the TZ).

Frick the Mets
Frick 1986
Frick their 2nd best record in baseball
Frick Walt Weiss
Frick Trevor Williams
Frick them. Frick them all in their ears.

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I’m ready. Are you?

Who are Walt Weiss and Trevor Williams doing with any of this?

Fuck Dykstra. Fuck the Mets.

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Strawberry, hit me a double-play ball. Egggsellent.

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For some reason I was convinced that the game was in NY and I couldn’t understand why it was starting so late. RIF, neck.

Nice bare hand grab and throw by Bregman.

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So, why would Baker not support Siri there? What’s the harm in asking for a review?

Oh, Kalas set me straight.

That “foul tip” missed the bat by a foot. Sad.

Siri got screwed.

Wendelstedt has fucked the Astros five times already.


That was a rope.

He hung one out his first at bat too, just right at 3B.


3-0 Astros

Yordan is one hell of a ball striker.

Tucker hits one farther than Altuve or Alvarez…for the third out.

Tucker’s hit two right there over the last two or three games.

Urquidy needs not to fuck this one up.

Tucker had some bad luck with that Sunday, too