Giants @ Astros, August 12, 2020

Rubber game…hopefully that doesn’t mean the Astros trip over their dicks again


Yaz triiples to LF, as Tucker dives and misses, but slowly jogs after the ball, and Correa had no interest in the relay throw.

Complete disinterest

Hustle after the ball, Tucker!

Damn. He’d have been out by 3 feet.

WTF was that?

A little sense of urgency.


Dickerson lines to CF, Straw backs up and lets it drop at his feet…Yaz scores

1-0 Giants

Yaz was going to stop at 2B until he realized that Tucker wasn’t going after the ball.

That’s not even bad defense.

It’s just complacency.

Probably so.

Equally damming.

I can’t wait until someone other than Myles Stray is in CF.

Straw didn’t want Tucker to feel self conscious about running on defense.

That’s how you go after a ball hit to the outfield, guys.

Nifty catch, Josh.


Flores flies out F9 deep in the RF corner…Reddick ran a long way and made a nice catch and quick turn and throw to keep Dickerson at 1B


Belt strikes out swinging



Longoria flies out F9

1-0 Giants

So that run will be charged to Greinke, but that was 100% on his lollygagging defense. A couple guys need their fucking ass kicked for that one.


Springer…quickly down 0-2…1-2…2-2…grounds out 6-3

The zone is wide again tonight.

Hope that holds for Grienke.


Reddick…works the count full…strikes out swinging at a pitch in the dirt