Giants @ Astros, 5/2/2023

Yordan - DH
Julks - LF

Brown on the mound

eta: roof is open for the first time this year

Gameday doesn’t agree with the ball-strike calls.

He’s given Brown one and taken one away so far 9 pitches into the game.

Excuse me infield single, stolen base, excuse me single and it’s 1-0 Giants

Nice 6-4-3 ends the inning.

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Screaming one-hopper goes off Abreu and Dubon makes a quick play to 1B.

Nice job by Brown to cover first on that, even though runner was safe by an eyelash. Apparently this runner is fast, he just stole 2nd and is 9-9 on the season.

Pederson jams one into LF to plate a run. Asshole.

I can’t do much PBP, if anyone wants to.

SF announcers are pretty good, they were talking up Brown pretty well in the 1st

I think they’re really good.

First time I’ve listened to them in a while

Dubon playing a nice 2B so far, just corralled a 108mph one-hopper for an “easy” 4-3

We’ve played two…Astros without a baserunner, trail 1-0

Abreu hit the ball pretty well, so there’s that

Keuchel’s inclusion on the Stropoll is the “tell me you’re under 25” option.

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What was the poll?

Diaz with a double, Astros first hit

Jake putting up a good AB…eventually lines out to LCF as Diaz tags and moves to 3B…two down for Dubon…

Dubon with a soft liner towards 3B, score it 5-3 to end the inning. 1-0 Giants

Now I understand MM’s comment

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I wonder how large the mythology of each of the other three looms in the average 20 year old fan.

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