Giants @ Astros, 5/1/2023

After a leadoff single, Garcia exits the game 6 pitches into the 2nd batter.

Bielak pitching

Is there a dislike button?

Even if there were, it would surely be broken by now.


Dubon starts another streak.

Hey Ross,

Do you remember who won the WS in 2017?


Please, Astros. Knock this punk Stripling out early.

Abreu with an rbi knock after Dubon stole 2nd.

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Nice Jose

Bottom 1st

Stripling pitching

Dubon - lines single to center
Bregman - F9
Alvarez - K
Dubon - steals 2nd.
Abreu singles up the middle, Dubon scores
Tucker - K.

End 1. Giants 0 Astros 1.

Old friend JD Davis leads off for the Giants in the 2nd

Bielak looks good.

JD had 22 HR in 19.

Only double digit total since then was 12 last year.

He missed quite a bit of time.

Top 2nd.

Bielak pitching.

Davis - hard grounder (ev - 103mph) up the middle for 4-3 put out.
Sabol - Ks looking on nice FB strike that paints outside of the plate.
Villar - F8.

Mid 2 - Giants 0 Astros 1.

Bottom 2nd

Stripling pitching

Pena - grounds out 5-3.
Julks - grounds out 6-3.
Meyers - F7 (after long foul down RF line that missed extra bases by about an inch).

End 2 - Giants 0 Astros 1.


Astros need to put some hollywood squibs on the foul line. Jake missed chalk by millimeters.

Impossible to get any closer than that

The shot down the line was pretty cool.

You could see the dirt than landed on the chalk and just make out the divot.

What’s a reasonable stretch for Bielak? Has he been starting/long relief?

Tandem starter in AAA, he’s maxed out at 5IP this season

2-1 Giants