George Springer Appreciation

The great hope in 12/13, the SI hype in 14, the promise in 15, the total badass realization of all the hope, the hype, the promise. George Springer is a top 5 Astro for me. Thanks 4 everything George. I will never forget the way I felt when you hit the homer in game 2 that made me believe that this thing might actually happen


Couldn’t have said it better! Good luck to you George. You deserve it!!

An absolute post season stud. I am happy for him.


It was such a pleasure to watch George play for the Astros. I will always be a fan and wish him nothing but the best moving forward.


He was the vanguard of the renaissance that culminated in the 2017 championship, haters be damned. I can’t find it in my heart to harbor hard feelings for him as he seeks new horizons. Good luck, George, in 154 of your 162 games next season, and thanks for the memories.

Y’all are better men than I am , Gunga Dins. I am not angry at him, but I am deeply disappointed.


C’mon Jim. You can at least say that Toronto is now your favorite Canadian team.

There is no player I like to watch more, and I’ll still watch what he does and wish him well. I’d rather he were here.

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He should have been an Astros for life.


I do not wish Springer injury or harm, and I greatly admire his talent and his overcoming personal adversity, but he has become like Cole to me. I am in the Colonel’s camp on this.


Good luck in Toronto, George. While I’m greatly disappointed that you won’t play your entire career in Houston, thank you for helping deliver a World Series to the Astros in my lifetime. I’ll never forget the way you atoned for your defensive blunder in game 5 of the 2017 World Series by hitting one over the train tracks on the first pitch of your next at bat.

Your energy and balls to the wall play style will be missed.

(All that said, it upsets me that the Golden Age of Astros’ baseball is being broken up in a sport without a salary cap.)

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The Golden Age is over, and Click now has the job of creating a new one. This dynasty ran aground on a lack of integrity and for what? The Astros did not need to steal signs electronically in violation of the Commissioner’s rule to win. Hell no, the team did not need a rules violation to hit; this system which was its downfall was created solely to bolster Betran’s fragile ego because, inevitably, age had eroded his once-prodigious skills. Shame on him and Cora, and shame on Hinch and on veterans who knew better for not stopping it. They cheated all of us.


They sure do need to reup Correa and fast.

Yeah, about that…

Well said, and I completely agree. The Astros didn’t need to cheat to be a dominant team, and it’s incredibly sad they tainted their legacies by doing so, while also cheating their diehard fans in the process.

Click has a big job in front of him. I hope he’s up for it.

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No way to do that unilaterally.

McTaggart put together some highlights:

I got a little misty watching those at bats and catches once again.