General Wine Thread

A safe space to ask questions, talk about what you’re drinking, or make disparaging comments about the mouth breathing fuckwits who still haven’t opened up their ‘61 Jaboulet Ainé Hermitage La Chapelle because, “the tannins still haven’t come around.”

Tonight’s menu is grilled pork chops with beet salad accompanied by a bottle of my 2019 Coombsville Syrah. Getting over a nasty cold from last week, so this is the first wine we’ve opened in awhile (and one of my favorites). I’m looking forward to it.

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Tonight I’m having a Porchetta and queso riojana sandwich (from Montrose Cheese and Wine) with a Helianthus Rose (from home).

I’ve been enjoying buying wine from, which provides a good variety of daily opportunities of all sorts of quality wines at a wide array of price points, but without any type of obligation to purchase. My question is what tips do y’all have for building a wine collection because I keep trying to buy more wine than batgirl and I can drink and yet am constantly facing a deficit.

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My tip is: try buying twice as much wine as you currently buy.

If that doesn’t work, try three times as much. This is clearly a supply issue.


This is sound advice. Never buy “a bottle” of wine. It’s like buying “a beer” or eating “a potato chip”.

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