Game Five 2017

Watching it now. I highly recommend this to combat haters. On my deathbed, if Mark is there, I hope to remember to ask him “Do you remember we were there?”


The best baseball experience of my life. Only a similar game in a game 7 could ever surpass it.

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A buddy and I attended. At one point (either mid 7 or end 9) I noticed he was sitting in his chair with his jacket over his head. He was praying. Fervently.

After we won he called his wife and said “I think we have to become missionaries now.”


As I have posted here before, I think I had a coronary event that night.

I splurged (not really, more like I took out a 2nd mortgage on my home) and took the entire family from Atlanta out to Houston for games 4 & 5 (4 of us including my two kids). I remember thinking beforehand, “It’s worth it. Memories with the wife and kids to last a lifetime.” Who would have known the kind of game we would all witness in Game 5?!? I thought the stadium seating in the upper deck might collapse after Altuve’s HR! Unbelievably loud…stands shaking, etc.


One of my best memories.

I do think Game 7 against the Yankees was a tad more emotional since I felt my dad at that game. But my sister and I were at Game 5 of 2017 and Game 7 of 2019. We will always have that.


I was fortunate to have a friend in baseball, and I got two tickets at face value for all the playoff and WS games in Houston 2017-19. Game Five in 2017 is my greatest fan experience, and Game Seven in 2019 is my worst. I was out of town for the 2018 Boston series and missed that sweep and still cannot believe we lost all four 2019 WS games at home.

Taubman you piece of shit.


Indeed. He brought bad karma down on us.