Game 3 ALCS: Astros . Them

Line up:


Well… ok, Dusty.

I have two questions for Dusty why is Mccormick not starting against a lefty? This second one is a two parter, is Myers not healthy enough to start, if not why is he on the roster?

I’m guessing the second answer is because it’s a 7 game series and he could be ready (or closer to full strength) before it ends.

As someone who’s shoulder doesn’t stay in socket all the time, it can take 3 to 10 days to feel 100 percent again.

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Ok, Detective Riggs.


Good enough for me. Dusty’s made plenty of good moves this postseason. No reason to second guess at this point.

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This would’ve been a much more enjoyable moment for me 20 years ago.

Are you getting too old for this shit?

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So close to retirement.

I think I may be more Murtaugh than Riggs at this point.

Just don’t die on the shitter.

It was good enough for Elvis.

Please Urquidy, hand Kiké an Golden Sombrero so we don’t have to listen to these dolts carry on about him.

You don’t have to no matter what. There’s always the Worrell Button.

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Just going to say that. Already engaged at my house.

Jose be hackin. Flies out after hacking at four pitches off the plate

Jose gave that ball a ride, just to the wrong part of the park

Swing the bat, Alex