Funk & Wagner updates, anyone?

I thought maybe we could start a collective project to pass the time:
Updating the Funk and Wagner dictionary.

It was created so long ago it predates my favorite OWA nickname of all time, “Thunderpants” (see also Beaker)

and there’s some comedy gold from the glorious 2017 season that needs to be recorded (McCannon-balll!!).

Let’s collaborate…

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I think that this is a grand idea. I’m calling on all you wags tot give this your best shot. C’mon Limey, MusicMan, HH and Chuck. We could not only do the post-dictionary history, but we could reach back to the very beginning of the franchise. I used to love to hear Loell Passe call Cesar Cedeno “super baby.” If only he had lived up to his potential.


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Bang the Can Slowly


Uncle Mike