FTC @ Astros - 5/15


Carry on.

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Wow I totally forgot how much I hate the fucking Cubs and WGN.

Howzabout scoring some fucking runs at home for a change.

First pitch, HPU stomps his dick. Awesome.

Framber strikes out the side in the first

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Dubon punches a leadoff single to CF

Yordan singles, two on, one out for Tucker…

Tucker grounds out 4-1, up to Abreu…

Would be a great time for Abreu’s first homer

Abreu doubles to LCF!

Dubon scores, Alvarez scores

I’ll fucking take that!

A few feet to the left and you had it.

Peña with an RBI gork! Abreu scores

One of better swings he’s had this year. Maybe it’ll get him going a bit

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Farthest he’s hit one.

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Chas with a double! Peña scores!

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Lets fucking go!

Can’t throw a better fastball to hit than that one

Jake grounds out 3-1, but the Astros out to a 4-0 lead

You rang?