From NYC



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Hope you have your back to the wall…

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Way to go Jim! Enjoy the trip!

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Make sure to say welcome back to JV and Kate


At the Other Half taproom Mark sent me to.

I will tell you how focused I have been on Broadway shows: I did not know the Astros will be in NY while I am until I read it on here two days ago.

You must pivot and make it to a game. If you do, the Yankees in house HOF is worth going to see while you are there.

I went to Torch & Crown brewery when I was there last weekend. It’s down in SoHo. Pretty good stuff, I thought. Saturday afternoon gets quite packed.

Not going to do it. I bought these show tickets weeks ago. I can see baseball most any time, but I can see Broadway shows only when I come here. If that makes me less of a fan to some, ok.


Enjoy the shows! Not like you won’t check up on game when convenient.

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I don’t know what this means

It means watch your back.

Anyway Jim should be safe.

Any angry yankee fans would get stuck trying to sound out the word “Champions” and he could easily escape.


They gave Mrs Cole a hard time, then all was forgiven when he jumped ship. Myles Straw, the list is endless

TY, @AstrosFanInBigD.
See Wild Bill Hickock, a good position for an Astros fan in NY.