Friday Time Waster

I picked Biggio, Bagwell, Dierker, Caminiti.

I went with Dierker over Oswalt because of his age entering the league.

Morgan, Clemens, Oswalt, Bagwell

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I’m building from the bottom up:
Doran, Cammy, Niekro, Oswalt, Wynn, JR Richard

Biggio, Bagwell, Oswalt, Pettitte

I thought you would get them for the first 6 years of their career or so (as if you drafted them), rather than just their Astros portion, but I don’t know.

Do you get Astros tenure, full career, or peak?

Because if it’s either of the latter 2, Morgan at $3 is just insulting.

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Bagwell, Dierker, Morgan, Niekro, Caminiti

I could be talked into a lot of combos after Bagwell.

Richard, Cedeno, Wynn, Cammy, Doran

Are they playing in the Dome or in MinuteMaid?

I’ll take fifteen Wandys.

Wow. The only one here who went Billy Doran and 4 stud pitchers.


** Scrap iron should have been in there.