Freudis Nova

Does anyone know the story with Nova? Transactions say he was recalled from minors then immediately placed on the 60-day IL.

ACL tear, left knee.

Thanks. Doesn’t sound good, though.

After free agents and 60 IL spots disappear, the 40 man will be sitting at 39.

There are at least 8 players on the mlb pipeline and/or Baseball America top 30 prospects who will need to be added or risked in the rule 5 draft.

It will be interesting to see who goes where.

Nova has since removed himself from the Astros’ long term plans (at least, IMO). I would think a trade might be the best outcome at this point.

Since what? Did he do something recently??

Son of a bitch. Typed too fast. Should’ve said “long since removed himself”…

Which is to say, no, he hasn’t done something recently.

He is not even 22 yet. There is still time to see how the prospect develops, if under team control. I do think we have some more promising options. My point on possibly signing correa and then trade before 10 and 5 rights. Maximize hie potential in helping us with future series, while maintaining the ability to maximize a future return of prospects. At least it gives the team future flexibility, where the team can analyze what is in the teams best interests.

Not sure I follow your connection to Correa, but you do have a valid point regarding Nova’s age. Admittedly, he’s also played against older competition at every level of his minor league career.

I would argue, however, that in Nova’s four years in the Astros’ system, he hasn’t really done anything to suggest he’s going to put it together. He was far more intriguing as a 17 year old playing in Rookie level/Low A than as an injured 21 year old in High A with a career .255 batting average, .687 OPS and .901 fielding percentage.

Looking at his signing date and transaction history, why was Nova added to the 40-man so early before he needed to be?

From what I can tell, Nova turned 16 in January 2016 and signed with the Astros in July 2016. That means he was eligible to be selected in the December 2020 Rule 5 draft, if I’m reading the rule below correctly.

According to MLB Pipeline (grain of salt), Nova was the Astros’ 2nd best prospect in Dec. 2020, and every scouting report on the guy from back then praised his tools to high heaven. So adding him to the 40-man to protect him from Rule 5 and give him a chance against actual competition (i.e., not just 2020 instructs) to demonstrate that he could translate those tools into skills made sense.

PLAYERS SUBJECT TO SELECTION. All players on the Minor League Reserve Lists of Major League and Minor League Clubs . . . shall be subject to selection by other Major League Clubs at the Rule 5 Selection Meeting in accordance with the following:
if 18 years of age or under on the June 5 immediately preceding the player’s signing, the player shall be subject to selection at the fifth Rule 5 Selection Meeting that follows the signing date of the player’s first Major or Minor League contract,**

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