That idiot MF! Like Dizzy Dean, X-rays of his head would show nothing. If I were in charge, he would be on the trade block yesterday. Diaz is too new to assert himself fully, but Machete would have killed him in plain view on the mound.


He’s a good example of why “pay the man” isn’t always the best strategy, especially when it comes to pitching. How would we all be feeling if Framber were locked up on a $100M+ deal for the next several years?

I completely agree, Jim! But I still do not understand why Espada sat in the dugout and watched it happen. That shit is on him.


Million dollar arm, ten cent head

Yes, he should have acted, but it is on Framber.

not a million any more, imo.

5th inning, Monday night:

Framber: “Remind me again, what’s the gameplan?”

Don’t shit yourself.

(Long pause)

Um, Framber, why are you grunting? And why is your face turning red?


Framber reminds me of Tim Redding. Great arm but a complete head case.

I hear you but Redding never came close to Framber’s level of success.



Very true. I’m just saying Framber is his own worst enemy. He has the tools to be an ace but his mind won’t let him.

your talking about my fantasy team ace here. of course I’m also in last place.

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Should’ve drafted a real ace like uhhh [checks fantasy rankings] Seth Lugo???