Forum moved to new server

In anticipation of doing some electrical work at the house, I’ve moved the forum to a new server so that the site won’t be disrupted. Sorry if you got logged out.

Everything seems to be fine, but give me a holler if something is amiss.


I got logged out and had to log back in, but all else seems good.

Thanks for your continued hard work!

Fortunately, I set my password to the sort of thing an idiot would have on his luggage

If you always set your password to an Otis Redding song, you’ll never forget it.

Personally, I’ve always been disappointed that my iPhone has a minimum of four numbers on the screen lock. I want to set it to 007.



Otis! My man!!

I have/had an Otis Redding CD that included some alternate takes of Dock of the Bay. In one of them the makes “caw! caw!” sounds as the seagulls come in.

Pretty funny.

This is also a problem with Wilson Pickett