Flu bug

Hit my family hard. Strange bout half had the flu shot half did not. The results were the same type b influenza hit everyone from age 12 to 46. Not scientific I know but interesting.

We got hit with the flu as well a few weeks ago. Everyone had flu shots too.

Living alone, I fear the flu. My dog is a lousy nurse.

Get well.

Took our daughter to the doctor with almost 106 fever this morning. Nephew had 104 this morning as well. Both type B flu. That definitely changes our Christmas plans…

Sorry to hear that about your daughter and nephew. Hope they feel much better soon.

High fever like that is scary. Hope things are better, Waldo.

That shit knocked me out for a week. Apparently not a strain that the vaccine covers. Fortunately my wife dodged it.

In college, when someone got too drunk and couldn’t make it to class, he was said to have the Heineken Flu. This sounds much worse.

everyone with flu well on way to recovery. hope all is the same with fellow posters