Fishslingers @ Astros May 4, 2024

Top 1: BB, HBP, GIDP, K

Bottom 1: K, popup, bunt single, BB, FC.

No score after 1 inning.

Framber is gonna be the death of me.

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Single, WP, single, GIDP (run scores), 5-3.

After 1.5: 'Slingers 1, Astros 0.

Wild pitch cost a run.

Man Diaz loves to hack.

K, 4-3, FO.

After 2: still 1-0 Seattle.

Diaz swinging at shit that Altuve wouldn’t in his wildest dreams entertain is starting to piss me off.

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He can be a good hitter in this league, he just needs to learn a little plate discipline. I’m hoping now that he’s an everyday player he’ll learn some.

Like Altuve he likes high fastballs, and somehow both of those guys can hit them. Fine. I think he struggles with pitch recognition which is why he’s always flailing at shit in the other batter’s box. As an aside I’ve always found it curious that catchers tend to be poor hitters since they spend so much more time than anyone else watching pitches approach the plate. It would make more sense to me if catchers were typically among the better hitters.

Don’t bother fucking running, Altuve.

Fuck, that’s twice this week he just jogs down the line while the defender kicks the ball around.

5-3, FO, K

I think part of it is it’s just such a demanding defensive position, hitting just doesn’t get the same focus. Also, it’s just rare to have those defensive skills. There are 100 good outfielders for every good catcher, so you can’t make it that far in the outfield if you can’t hit. But you can at catcher.

Btw, back to back doubles makes it 2-0

It seems this year that there are several catchers having real nice seasons as hitters.

Salvy, Will Smith, the Contreras bothers, all have an OPS over .900.

Easy to hit well as a catcher in April. Much harder to maintain in through the grind of the season.

(Easy on a relative scale)

Alvarez draws a leadoff walk. Now let’s make some hay, fellas.

And Bregman GIDP on the first pitch

Just mind boggling that he’s hitting cleanup.

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You almost have to bench Bregman.