Fish at Astros, 7/10/24

Idk about everybody else but I haven’t progressed passed Alexandra Daddario when it comes to HBO hotties


Check and mate on that one.

Check all you want. I don’t think you’ll get to mate.

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My parents got power back at their home in Katy tonight. When we met them for dinner last night my mom joked that they thought about going to the game because at least they would have air conditioning. Also, she was trying to get play by play and score updates on her phone throughout dinner.

Playing the game was a short-term break from the aftermath of the storm.


He’s back in SL

Makes sense, he was unusually effective.

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They had to make room for Bloss to pitch tonight. I suspect Ort will be back up before too long.

Only if there is an injury. He has to stay put for ?10 days? Or something.