Fire in Arlington

Fire at the new stadium:

Don’t know severity or if there are casualties.

Rivalry aside, I hope people are safe and damage is minimal.

Rivalry aside, I hope people are safe.

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New pope?

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The smoke was black, so no?

Well maybe if they can’t get the new stadium ready for opening day they can play a game or two in Tampa?

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From your lips to the BBGs’ ears.

It would be a damn shame if they needed to trade a home and home with us.

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Great post!

No injuries. Cause and severity still unknown:

They still don’t know what caused it? They don’t mention what exactly was burning either.

They know what caused it: some welding sparks found a combustible surface. Same as the Notre Dame cathedral a few months ago.

I saw a video of the actual flames on Twitter but it was hard to tell what it was. Some scaffolding, maybe. I’m guessing they’re waiting to completely investigate the matter before they announce anything, but I’m guessing if it was something all that serious we would’ve seen a lot more smoke.

Their sign-stealing apparatus caught fire.

The stadium is getting great reviews on twitter

I particularly like the grill and Chernobyl comparisons.

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OMFG … “the steakhouse where you pick the cow you want to eat.”

I’m dying.

All of the architectural renderings pre-construction were overly optimistic. It’ll look better in August.