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Playing beer league softball last night, we were up big and finishing out the game. Got an out, then a single, then the next guy up hit a deep fly ball to left field. Runner on first had a bit of a brain fart/bad read and was all the way to second when our LF hauled it in and fired it back into the infield. I’m playing first and as soon as the throw comes in I’m screaming ONE ONE ONE!

Our shortstop catches the throw just on the grass behind second base, wheels and throws to me, but it’s right in the middle of the basepath and coming straight for the retreating runner, who is about 2/3 of the way back to first and on the dead run. Everyone is yelling at him to duck and he does, but not very effectively. the ball hits him high in the shoulder, deflects off of him, and I snag it on the deflection at first for the routine 7-6-3 twin killing to end the game.

Nobody present had ever seen anything like that, and neither had I.


7-6-runner-3 DP

Amazing play

An own out!

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In softball, that actually triggers multi ball.

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Just like you draw it up!

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That’s exactly what I told our shortstop in the post game fist-bump line.

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