FCL Astros 2024

We got a list of some folks who will be making their debuts in the FCL this year based on a tweet from the Astros Player Development folks

Here are the players assigned the the FCL from the DSL - I have added signing info I have

RHP Anthony Aparicio (signed out of Panama last year)
C Carolos Cauro (Ven. 2022)
IF Luis Colon (2022 DR)
RHP Enrique Coronel (2022 Ven)
RPH Anthony Cruz (2022 DR)
IF Camilo Diaz (2.25 mil signee from DR last year)
IF Darwin De Leon (2022 DR)
RPH Jorge Geraldo (2021 DR)
RHP Frankie Gil (Franklin is his listing on MILB, 2022 VEN)
RHP Julio Marte (2022 DR)
RHP Engel Peralta (2022 DR, Not to be confused with Angel Peralta who signed 2023)
OF Karniel Pratt (Netherlands 2022)
IF German Ramirez (1.2 mil signee from DR last year)
IF Rafael Ramirez (2022 DR 360K)
OF Luis Rives (signed 2024 for 900K out of Cuba at age 19)
LHP Yanquiel Sanchez (2021 Cuba 10K)
C Kedaur Trujillo (2022 VEN)
OF Esmil Valencia (signed for 897K out of DR last year)
RHP Jose Varela (2022, Born in TX, in 47 innings last year, K’d 71(!), walked 24, allowed 27 hits, 16 runs (13 earned))
C Jancel Villarroel (2022 Ven)

Missing from the list is Cesar Hernandez who was the 20 year old Cuban outfielder signed for 1.7 million this July. Could be a injury or visa related issue that may be keeping him for the first list.

The FCL starts May 4th and runs through July 25th

Updated the list with signing info