Fansided article highlights Dodgers' emotions

Be gentle, the Dodgers are upset

Why do you post stuff this this here? If I could delete your link to that crap, I would.



Much prefer focusing on the Dodger’s series than the last two games vs Texas.

The author is a NYC native who has worked as an improv and stand up comic while writing about sports.

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Not funny to me.

Just letting yall know where the article is coming from.

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It fucking shows.


Fansided is just another Bleacher Report.

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Fansided is where bleacher report rejects go


Dodgers: Fans Overtake Minute Maid Park (last night)…

Never expected this! Won’t forget it soon.

When was the last time something like THIS happened @ a Houston home game? Thot only Cubs fans did this.

TY, Lefty! Didn’t realize it was bogus, tho Dodger love was AWOL in the comments…

Last night the Dodger crowd and emotions were real.

This thread needs to be tossed in the dumpster along with any other post that gives even the slightest fuck about the Dodger team or fanbase.

Fuck those whiny, always the victim shitbags.


Agree. People who post shit like this on an Astros site should go too.

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Don’t say that around DodgerFan, you’ll probably get stabbed.

That passion could not be missed in MM last night; can’t ignore it.

Why don’t you go find a Dodger site if you’re looking to gorvel some schlong?


Hoping the Dodger fans have a long, bumpy flight home…

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Now living among these entitled, self-righteous, self-absorbed, ignorant, douchenozzle dojer fans reinforces my lifelong vitriol for everything dojers.


How long have you lived there, JohnS?

4 years.
Spent time in SoCal at various intervals prior to that as well.