Example of Leadership

“Apologize and resign.” <=== Sen. Kennedy’s words for FDIC Chair.

Gruenberg finally shows leadership!

The White House said that President Biden would soon nominate a new FDIC chairman and that it expected the Senate to move quickly to confirm the nominee.

“The president of course expects the administration to reflect the values of decency and integrity and to protect the rights and dignity of all employees,” …Democratic insiders said they expected any nominee would be a woman previously confirmed by the Senate by a healthy margin.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

According to the report, complaining employees were punished w/ transfers while the accused predators were promoted, for decades!
Sen. Kennedy recommends a house cleaning @ FDIC: all predators fired - not allowed to “resign”.

(Per report, Root Cause Analysis pp 145-173)
It appears senior leadership might be the place to start (pg 162)

…As an Office of Inspector General report from February 2023 noted, 40% of all
FDIC Executives and 30% of all managers had sufficiently long tenure to be eligible for
retirement in 2022, climbing to 67% and 56%, respectively by 2027.

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