Euros 2020

Kickoffs today, gonna be a fun 31 days of football

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Games are on ESPN/ABC (mostly the former). Group stage is a round robin from which the top two from each plus the four best 3rd place finishers advance into a straight knockout bracket.

Here’s the full schedule:

England vs. Scotland is typically a barn-burner (just not literally any more). That’s next Friday at 2pm CDT.

I already have the day blocked out and will be meeting some quiet unassuming chaps to watch the game. Doors open at 11am… :beers:

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Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field just before halftime and received CPR, then was taken to a hospital where is reportedly stable.

The Denmark - Finland March was suspended immediately.

ETA: the players have elected to resume the match after Eriksen was stabilized

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Eriksen remains in hospital but all the indications are positive. He suffered a heart attack and was “gone” before being resuscitated.

Eriksen’s teammates were amazing in unthinkable circumstances. Skjaer was the first to start life-saving CPR. They all formed a human screen to give Eriksen privacy (from the very prying Danish TV cameras), facing outwards themselves and showing clearly their great distress. Schmeichel rushed to console and inform Eriksen’s wife as she made her way down to the field.

The game was restarted later that day, a choice made by the team after speaking with Eriksen from his hospital bed. Unfortunately, they lost 1-0 while missing a penalty and, reportedly and understandably, did not have their heads in the game.


England won their opening fixture at the Euros for the first time ever, beating Croatia (losing finalists from the last World Cup).

Scotland v England at 2PM. Will be rotting for Scotland, because I’d like to see them make it out of the group stage and the meltdown from English fans would be a joy to watch.

If it’s not Scottish it’s crap

Meltdown initiated…

Danish match was incredible this afternoon, what a performance and what a crowd. Bonus, Russia got smoked and they are now out of the tournament.

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Russia played like a bunch of fucking dicks and got exactly what they deserved.

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Because they play 36 games to eliminate only 8 teams, after squeaking a win against Croatia and face-planting to a tie against Scotland, England is already guaranteed a place in the Round of 16.

Tomorrow’s final group game vs. Czech Republic will be very weird as the second-placed team is going to get a more favorable draw than the winner. If Croatia turns over Scotland, the England team could just sit down and let the Czechs cash in (get it?) for as many goals as they like, and England will finish 2nd in the group regardless.

Wales need to unleash Jonniesta.

They kind of got fucked on the 2nd goal but they’re always asking for it.

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3-0. Game over.

Yeah, that was a harsh non-call for the 2nd goal, but that score line is not flattering to Denmark. Worthy winners.

The Welsh players sadly melted down at the end of their match, well beaten but also on the wrong end of some inept refereeing.

However, this is priceless:


The Dutch and Czechs came to play. Barnburner protocol initiated.

They’re taking it to 11.

Czech Republic beating - soundly - the Netherlands has the English sector of Twitter in a state of confusion as to if and how to reevaluate what was previously considered to be an uninspiring win over the Czechs in the group stage.

Yall should make a point to search out the first goal in Croatia-Spain.