Early Returns on Pena

It’s nothing but Spring Training. That said, he can cover the ground at SS. He has hit ok. But most importantly he has delivered base hits with runners in scoring position. Trust in a rookie to take over from the Captain is hard to earn. But from the little I have watched on MLB.TV, its not hard to see the promise.

Fuck Correa. The idea is not to replace him. That will not happen. The idea is to have a very good player there.


Couldn’t agree more

Peña homered again today

I’ve not been able to watch any of the ST games…anyone have thoughts on how he looks in the field? At the plate? Tendencies, good and bad, that sort of thing?

2 today

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…and again.

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Carlos who?

Two bombs today. Two ABs. Just the 4th inning

They are not on TV. He looks like an athlete and is not tiny.

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It is rash, I know, but I have a pleasant suspicion he’ll top Correa in WAR this year.

Your damn mouth, you should shut. The wrath of the BBGs you could incur.


Gotcha, didn’t know if they’d had games on ATTSW or MLB network or something.

They tried to have one on ATTSW yesterday (or whatever the channel is now), but it got deluged out. I tuned it in to watch a few innings and got the Biggio HOF special instead.

You’ll need a balm for that; or, perhaps a salve.


Not a bad first week or so kid…

Someone on Twitter pointed out that Peña has 3 more 3 hit games since 2020 than Cody Bellinger.

He’s still only 9 games into his MLB career but it’s obvious he’s a player.

So far so good.

Now he gets to play at home against a team that has faced him and has had time to make adjustments.

Let’s see what happens.

This thread is close enough…

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And now even the NY Times is profiling him…