The last team with multiple titles and a .622 win percentage or better over any six-year span? How about the Mantle/Berra/Ford Yankees… of 1953-58. Unreal.


More dynasty talk:


The standard for performance in MLB is higher than it’s ever been. Even average teams now have a bunch of guys throwing 95+ heat and wicked breaking shit. And somehow today’s hitters are catching up to it and hitting the ball harder than ever. The talent, the athleticism, the preparation today, it’s on another level.

Now looking back over this era there have been lots of great teams, but two true juggernauts stand head and shoulders above the rest: the Dodgers and the Astros. Dominant over their divisions. They enter every season as immediate favorites. They continually add superstars in trades and in free agency and their farm systems never seem to stop churning out all-stars. They are the definition of sustained success.

But only one of those teams has two rings.

I guess what I’m saying is, maybe I don’t know for a fact that the 2017-2022 Astros are literally the best baseball team in history …. but who else would it be?