Dubon haters

Tough-talking Giants broadcasters:

Following that, Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper took issue with Dubón’s statements, saying, “They could’ve easily thrown his tired little butt under the bus, but they didn’t.”

(More on that here)

On Wednesday morning, Kuiper’s broadcast partner Mike Krukow joined KNBR and levied further criticism at Dubon, saying, “He needs to keep his mouth shut.”

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Jeez, why are they so thin-skinned?

I think the Giants broadcaster (and likely organization as a whole) were surprised to hear his negative comments since he was a popular player in the dugout, and with the broadcasters and fans. And since they thought they gave him every chance to succeed.

Trading him away was not popular in SF, but was the logical choice between him and Estrada. His comments are just making the Giants broadcasters regret having regrets about the trade.

This article gives a bit of background on that trade and the relationship.

The Giants’ trade of Mauricio Dubón makes sense, but it doesn’t have to feel good - The Athletic

I can certainly see why the Giants broadcast team took offense. And by that I mean they can shove it up their collective ass.


My maternal Grandmother was a huuuuuuuuge NY Giants fan having grown up in NYC. When they moved in the ‘50s she was beyond pissed and stopped following beisbol.
The gints can lick my grundle for moving and breaking my Nana’s heart.

Enjoyed that article.

This 2019 article fills in the backstory on how, in three days, 15-year-old Dubón moved from Honduras to Sacramento where he lived with a host family - it’s a great read.

Just found this more detailed Athletic article.

The Mets announcers highlighted some of this during Dubón’s AB during the bottom of the 4th inning (02:06).