Dodgers @ Astros, July 29, 2020

Javier, making his first start…punches out Max Muncy on three pitches

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Betts strikes out looking

He locked Mookie up with that low fastball. Goodness!

Bellinger whiffs.

Nice first inning from Javier

Didn’t get to watch on Saturday, so first time seeing Javier. Looks like he’s got some pretty lively stuff

Carrot Top on the hill for the Dodgers

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His momma lied to him about that hair.

Is Alyson Footer his mom?

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B1: Tucker strikes out swinging

B1: Altuve grounds out 4-3 in the shift

B1: Bregman flies out to shallow RF

No score


Turner flies out F7


Seager homers to RF

1-0 Dodgers


Taylor strikes out swinging


Pederson strikes out swinging

1-0 Dodgers

Did anyone remember to rattle the Astros bats today?


Brantley with a rule book double to RF

Uncle Mike volunteers as tribute.

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I have a bat next to me. Hoping it helps

Stars playing like stars would be nice.