Dodgers @ Astros, 7/28

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for the return of a play by play guy.

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Betts RF
Muncie 1B
Turner 3B
Bellinger CF
Taylor DH
Seager SS
Pollock LF
Hernandez 2B
Smith C
(Pitching: Buehler)


Springer CF
Altuve 2B
Bregman 3B
Brantley LF
Gurriel 1B
Correa SS
Reddick RF
Tucker DH
Maldonado C
(Pitching: Valdez)

You and me both

The bats are going to have to step up with Framber pitching. It won’t be an easy task with Buehler on the mound for the Dojers.

Top 1

And here we go…

(What the fuck is a) Mookie takes a 2 seamer on the outside corner, strike 1. Ball 1, outside. Curve grounded up the middle under Framber in to the teeth of the shift, 6-3. 1 out.

Muncy takes ball 1. Up and in 2 seamer, Muncy leans away, 2-0. Fastball right at the belt, ball one. Where the fuck was that? 3-0. Fastball in there for a strike. Right down the pipe, 3-2. Curveball SWING AND A MISS! PONCHE!

2 outs.


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Human Troll Doll Justin Turner takes ball 1 outside. Just up, ball 2. Framber is playing with fire getting behind these guys so far. Strike one, which was just off the outside corner, 2-1. Curve outside, 3-1. Liner hangs up in left center for Brantley, who makes the easy catch.

A slightly shaky 1-2-3 inning for Framber.

Mid 1

He is singularly unattractive.

Interesting fact: we kept the same ump crew for this series.

Alfonzo Marquez HPU, The Gooch 1B, Cory Blaser 2B, Gabe Morales 3B

Get it in the zone Framber. Fuck

Bottom 1

Buehler on the bump, facing Springer. Pipes strike one, Springer fouls it straight back. Grounded 6-3, easy first out.

Imagine getting Angel for consecutive series.

I also think Blum was quite excited TK is back.

Don’t say his name or he’ll show up like Bettlejuice.

Altuve takes a fastball on the inside corner for strike 1. Fouls off a breaker at his fucking shins, 0-2. Ball 1 bounces. Foul dribbler down the 3B line. Lashed down the RF line foul. Stayed with a breaking ball there. Still 1-2, bounced. Chopped to 3rd, Turner backs up to get a better hop and throws out Altuve by 2 steps.

2 outs

Bregman, 2 outs nobody on takes ball one low. Liner to CF, not carrying. Bellinger jogs over and hauls it in.

End 1

Bellinger leads off the 2nd and takes strike one at the knees. 2 seamer in, did he go? No he did not, 1-1. Curve ball fouled off. SWING AND A MISS on curve ball at the knees.

1 out.

That’s the Bellinger I remember

Taylor takes a curve low. Slaps a liner to center, Springer coming on has to turn on the jets and catches it leaning forward on the run.

2 outs.