Do stats really show that 'Stros can't win w/o cheating? Some think so

(Intended to post this earlier.) Interesting that ‘experts’ do not notice how few times the WS lineup was able to play during the 2020 (and will be playing during the 2021) season, preferring to blame their struggles - even against worst teams this year - to not knowing which pitch is coming.

Some simply believe the 'Stros are a “bad” team, predicting a quick dismissal by the Twins. (Scroll down to Twins-Astros review.)

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No, they don’t.

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Correa put it this way.
“…We showed that we’re a solid team, we can play baseball, we can win games, we can win a series against a great team, and that’s what we did today!
We showed that we’re still a solid team and we deserve some respect.”

Indeed!!! (A little chip on their shoulders might not hurt.)
The stats that were used, while ignoring other glaring stats including the amount of IP and AB by backup players and rookies, certainly did not tell the whole story.
A team victory the last two days!

Everything about this article is fucking idiotic. A gleaming example of why CBS is considered the front line for baseball news.

I’ve never even heard of a single member of their playoff prediction team.

But I have a hunch this pablum is being lapped up by Astros haters b/c it fits the narrative.

Ironic, that Correa’s quotes highlight the fact that neither the 2020 Astros nor the 2017 Astros had to cheat to win.

A dear friend, who lost her Dad to suicide after an long battle with alcoholism, described it this way, “He was listening to the wrong voice.”

The 2017 Astros did the same thing: listened to the wrong voice. It brought scorn on themselves and future Astros, including any success in the 2020 playoffs.

Here’s hoping they will be able to demonstrate their talents during the playoffs.

That one lady writer that predicted the Twins would end their 16 game postseason losing streak was spot on.

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It’s STILL banging around in the heads of others, like this writer for the Giants (after the 1st game of the ALDS) …

…Oakland…secured the 2nd seed in the AL playoff bracket and had the best BP in baseball this year.
But the Astros pounded out 16 hits Monday. It was as if they still knew what pitch was coming

Could it be that the Astros are a very good team?

The deeper the Astros go this postseason, the more they live rent-free in the heads of their opponents and sportswriters. If the team manages to win it all, the spittle-wiping and brain-chunk-scrubbing in clubhouses and newsrooms across the country will never, ever end.